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The Worst Consumer Security Breaches of All Time

It's the digital age, and the future is NOW. We don't have flying cars (yet), but we do have most, if not all, of our personal data, financial information, and best Instagram photos online. 
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Unfortunately, this has made the masses easy targets for hackers and digital thieves. 

This list of the worst consumer security breaches shows just how vulnerable our information is...and how little privacy we have. It seems like once a week another retail chain announces a security hack, with data compromised over months or even years. 

Websites and information we thought were secure online clearly aren't, and in the wake of data breaches at stores like TJ Maxx and Michaels, how are consumers supposed to feel safe shopping for essential scrapbooking supplies and saving big on designer brands?! 

 The massive, famous security breaches on this list have affected millions of users, account holders, and consumers worldwide. Some companies respond instantly and effectively, while others simply shrug their shoulders, throw you some credit monitoring services and cross their fingers that it won't happen again. 

So get ready to change those passwords, order a new credit card, or return to the age of keeping wads of cash stuffed in your mattress. The Internet has connected us all, hackers included. Read up on the worst consumer security breaches and data hacks below and try your best to sleep tonight. 

Source:  Tom's Guide

Update:  FriendFinder, 2016

412 million accounts compromised
Casual-hookup and adult-content websites are perfectly legal in most Western nations, but that doesn't prevent data breaches involving them from being any less embarrassing. The FriendFinder network, comprising Adult Friend Finder,,, and, was breached sometime in mid-October 2016, and details of user databases immediately began leaking out of cybercrime forums.

To add insult to injury, most of the passwords were protected by the weak SHA-1 hashing algorithm, with the result that 99 percent of them had been cracked by the time published its analysis of the entire data set on Nov. 14. As with the breach of the "Have an Affair" Ashley Madison dating service in 2015, a lot of people likely had some explaining to do.
The Worst Consumer Security Breaches of All Time
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