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Women's Self Defense: 26 Celebrity Rape Survivors


Women's Self Defense: 6 Celebrity Rape Survivors

Women's self defense tactics are a tool box of psychological, verbal, and physical methods that you as a woman can use to defend yourself from physical or verbal threats.  An attack against your body can affect your mind.  If you have been physically attacked and it resulted in injury or rape, the psychological affects can leave you more scarred on the inside than you were scarred on the outside.

Rape is the most common and most serious crime against women. Although the numbers reported vary somewhat from year to year, most authorities agree that the number of rapes far exceeds the numbers actually reported.

There are many different kinds of rapists, ranging from the easily discouraged to the sociopath who has decided that he won't stop until you are dead, or he is.

Another common crime against women involves threats and threatening behavior by an attacker. While men commit most crimes against women, threats can come from other women as well. Your chances of resisting an attack by a woman are much more in your favor, but when a man threatens you, the situation can certainly change quickly.

Always, always, take threats seriously. It may be hard for you to realize that your life is actually in danger but, if someone is making credible threats, you must take steps to protect yourself. Most victims of domestic violence who are murdered (or murder is attempted) by their abusers were stalked, sometimes for days, sometimes for months, before the lethal attack. If your life is being threatened, you should consider yourself a stalking target, and take steps to protect yourself.

There are 237,868 victims of sexual assault or rape in the United States every year. Several celebrities have had the misfortune of being included in this statistic. Many of them have decided to speak about their experiences to help other victims of rape move on with their lives. For more information or to get help, contact the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network at 800-656-HOPE.

26 Celebrities Who Are Rape Survivors
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