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Surveillance: Ultimate Five Finger Discounts

Thieves creating diversions is nothing new, but a recent brazen scheme surprised local police. Chy owns Donut Palace in Kingwood and says his mom was working alone just before closing time one Saturday when a man and woman walked in. 

While Chy's mother helped the female customer, the man went into the back to go the bathroom.  While the man was in the bathroom, he tampered with the toilet's waterline and caused it to flood the restroom and eventually the bakery.  

Chy's mother was still at the counter helping the female customer when the man returned and complained about the broken toilet creating the "diversion" for them to run off with her purse!!

Petstore Thief stuffs python into his trousers and calmly walks out of the store!!??
 Via Youtube LiveLeak

Brazen thief caught walking out of electronics store backwards with flat screen tv!!

Woman is distracted by car thief with cans of soft drinks tied to her vehicle!!


Frayser man charged with shoplifting had plastic bags lining the inside of his pants and was moving through the Kroger store aisles dropping items into his "skinny jeans"...
Later, outside the store, officers are seen removing the bags and removing items from the suspects pants while a Kroger worker helps fill up the shopping cart with the goods.
Shaving cream, packs of razors, bars of soap, scented spray, and more were thrown into the basket.
In all, the items were valued at $300.

Finally, heres a video complilation of Burglary/Robbery Fails...
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